Going through the motions

Ruby originally came to us in very bad shape. But we didn’t give up. Despite her struggles, she was so full of life and was such a sweetheart. One thing she really needed was orthopedic surgery on her knee. Once her surgery was completed, our rehab team, along with loving foster parents, got to work on a plan that would see her thrive long after. To no-one's surprise, the foster parents fell in love with her and adopted her. She’s now living he best life, showing off her tricks to anyone with a treat!
We believe animals deserve the same quality of rehabilitative care as humans. Full stop. We believe in care that not only enhances recovery and helps manage pain but improves overall quality of life in the long term. For us, it’s about more than braces and band aids. It’s about giving animals their life back.

Recent rehab graduates--Kyro, Papi, and Ruby--each received life--changing care thanks to the head of our rehabilitation program, Christina Giordmaina, BKin, RVT, CCRP. With her background in Kinesiology, industry-leading techniques, and passion for animal welfare, she gave each animal a second chance.

Kyro suffered several very serious pelvic fractures after being hit by a car. He was in a lot of pain and not happy about it. He went into our rehab program and, after weeks of mobility treatment and specialized care, is almost fully healed. He’s the sweetest boy ever now and has been so patient as he continues his treatment. His journey will continue in his new forever home!

Papi broke both of his front legs in an accident and needed serious treatment, immediate and long term. He braved his way through rehab treatment like a champ. He was so cooperative and patient. A smart and loyal boy, Papi was sure to thank the rehab with all the snuggles and kisses he could muster. His foster parent fell in love with him and adopted shortly after he graduated!